Help Guide for Applicants

SmartyGrants provides an easy way for grant seekers to complete their application form online. This guide will explain the essential steps you need to take to complete and submit your form.

Some of the features of SmartyGrants are:

  • You can save your progress and return to complete your application at a later time or date;
  • Your application is stored online, therefore there is nothing for you to save to your own computer, and;
  • You can be certain that a grantmaker has received your application when you submit it.

Table of contents

Step 1 - View and Navigate the application form

View the Form

When you first access SmartyGrants you will be directed to the Grantmaker's applicant homesite. Here you will see all of the rounds that the Grantmaker has either curently available or upcoming. 

Clicking on the round's link will take you to the application form. Once there, you will have the following options - Start a submission, Preview the form or Download preview form

To preview the entire application form, simply click on Preview the Form which will then show you the form in preview mode. If you would like a PDF version of the form, please cllick on Download preview form which you will then generate a PDF of the form which you will be able to save locally.

NOTE: You can't fill out the form while in preview mode. In order to complete the form you need to complete Step 2. Furthermore, most Grantmaker's will not accept a paper version without prior approval. Should you have issues and the only way you can fill out the form is by printing the preview PDF and manually entering responses, you will need to contact the Grantmaker to ensure they will accept a paper based submission. 


You can navigate through the application form either by clicking on buttons above the form to move between individual pages. 

You can also use the navigation bar to jump to specific pages or sections within a page. Depending on the funder's preference, the navigation bar may be either in the top left or top right of the page

Step 2 - Apply and register


When you are ready to start your application, simply click on the Fill Out Now button

Login and Register


In order to enable you to fill out the form you must first have an account with SmartyGrants. Your account details are used solely for the purpose of enabling you to complete your application form and in case the grantmaker needs to contact you.

Once you have registered an account, you will use the same username and password for any additional applications you may create in the future by any grant maker using SmartyGrants.

Handy Tip!

A handy tip is to take note of the web link (URL) / pathway you are using for your application.  Each grantmaker has a unique link for their site. You might even like to "Bookmark" the link or add the link as a "Favourite" within your internet browser. This can be particularly helpful if you intend creating multiple applications by multiple grantmakers.

For New Accounts


If you do not have an account you will need to provide your details here and create a password. 

Passwords must be longer than 8 characters in length and must meet 2 of the following requirements:

  • include letters
  • include non-alphabetical characters
  • include numbers

You will then need to enter your password twice to confirm your password and then click Register.

Once you have clicked Register an activation email will be sent to the registered email address. Please go to that email's inbox, find the activation email from '' and click on the link to activate your account. 

For Existing Accounts


Simply fill in your login details and you will be directed to the Grantmaker's applicant homesite. Here you will see any current or upcoming rounds. 

Have you forgotten your password?  Click on the 'forgotten your password?' link.  This will ask you to insert what your username (email address) is, this will then send you an email with a reset password url link.  Click on the link and you will be prompted to set a new password.

Step 3 - Fill out the application form

Save Progress

It is highly recommended that you click Save Progress every 10 to 15 minutes when you are filling out a form.

For security reasons you will be logged out of your application if 60 minutes has elapsed and you have not saved your progress or navigated between pages. When you are logged out of the system you will lose any changes you have made to that page that have not been saved. To avoid this happening, simply click Save Progress periodically if you are spending a long time working on one page of the form.

Elements of the page

The following elements can be found on the application form.

Page Buttons
Using these buttons allows you to navigate between the different pages of a form. You can also Save your progress, or Save and Close your form, in order to return to it at a later time or date.

Navigation Bar
You can quickly jump to various pages in the application form using the navigation bar.


Form Questions

Here you can provide your responses to the form questions. The below example is a Project title question along with an Anticipated start and end date question.

Current Rounds Page

At anytime you can return to the grant round homepage by clicking on the 'Current Rounds' link on the top right hand side of the page.

Fill in the form 

 You can now complete the application form by providing the required responses.

Attaching files

If you are attaching files, you need to allow for sufficient times for the file to be uploaded to the page. You should not navigate to another page until the file has been successfully attached, otherwise the file upload will be cancelled.

Please Note: There is a maximum file limit of 25 megabytes. However, it is strongly recommended you try to keep files under 5 megabytes.

For a full list of supported file types for upload click here

To attach a file simply follow these steps:

Simply select Attach a file choose the file you wish to upload and click Choose Files.

The file will begin to upload and the progress bar will be filled in as the file is upload 

When the file upload is completed, the progress bar will disappear and a link to the uploaded file will be available, along with the option to remove the file.

Navigate between pages

To navigate between pages you can either use the Navigation Bar or the Next Page and Previous Page buttons at the top and bottom of your current page.


Clicking on any these will take you to the appropriate page.

NOTE: Your application form is saved every time you navigate between pages.

Save and Close

If at any stage you wish to save your application and close it you can do so by clicking Save and Close.


You can return to your application at any time prior to the close date of the grant round and continue your application, simply by logging back into your account per Step 2. 

Once you log back in you can click on "My Submissions" - here you will find a listing of all applications you have begun to fill in and all that are completed.

Step 4 - Review and Submit

Review and Submit

When you have completed the last page of the application form you can click Review in the navigation panel.

This will display your application in the way it will appear to the organisation you are submitting it to.

This is also a good time to Save or Print a copy of your application for your own records. Though you can log back into SmartyGrants at any time and view your completed application after having submitted it.  To print a copy of your form before submitting it, click on the "Download PDF".


You will not be able to make any changes to your form after you have submitted it. Should you submit then need to make changes, you will need to contact the Grantmaker and ask them to re-open your application.

Once you are satisfied with your application click Submit.

Problems with your form

If there are any problems with your application, it will not be able to be submitted and any issues will be highlighted (as illustrated below).

You will have the opportunity to correct the problem by clicking Go to Page.

Once you have made corrections, you can return to the Review and Submit page and click Submit Application again.

Step 5 - Confirmation

Confirmation of Submission

Confirmation of submission

When the application is submitted you receive a confirmation message that the application has been received. If you see this message you can be sure that the grantmaker has received your application.

You will also see your application number, which you can use should you need to contact the grantmaker about your application.

Confirmation email and PDF attachment

You will also receive a confirmation email when your application is successfully submitted. Attached to the email will be a PDF copy of the form you just submitted.

Optional - Submitting multiple applications

Start another application

Depending on the Grantmaker, you may be able to submit multiple applications in the same grant round. 

To start another application you must return to the grant program page. You can return to the round by clicking on the current rounds link near the top right corner of the form.

Then clicking on the round link within the current rounds page.

You will then be notified that you have already made a submission and be given the option to View Your Submission, Start New Submission, Oreview the form or Download preview form. Click on Start New Submission to begin the next application.

Multiple Applications

To view all of your applications for a grant program and to switch between them you first need to be logged into your account and then click on My Submissions.

You can then choose which application you wish to continue, by clicking on the appropriate link.

Optional - Viewing / Saving / Printing applications

Download PDF of your application

If you wish to save a copy of your application on your computer, you can download a PDF of your form.

Start by clicking on the Review link at the bottom of the navigation box.

Then click the Download PDF button at the top of the page, your application will then download as a PDF file.

View submitted application

You must first be Logged In to your account in order to view your submitted applications. Once you are logged in, you will see the My Submissions link near name of the person logged in at the top of the screen. Clicking this link will take you to a complete list of all of your submissions incuding those that are In Progress  *Note that any submissions you create and/or submit can always be found in the My Submissions area (this includes finding any additional forms your Grantmaker may ask you to complete).


This will display all of your applications, both in progress and submitted.


To view your application, simply click on the relevant link under Submitted Forms.


Print your application

Once you are viewing the relevant application you simply select the Download PDF link at the top of the page.

You will then be able to save this PDF locally for your records, print it out if you need a hard copy or so with however you see fit.

Optional - Accessing Additional Forms

Additional Forms

It may be possible that at some stage the Grantmaker you have applied through or received funding from will ask that you complete an additional form, for example, a report form or an acquittal form.

The Grantmaker will provide you with a link OR you can simply log into the Grantmakers grant page where you have originally applied for funding.  You must first be Logged In to your account. Once you are logged in, you will see the My Submissions link near the top of the screen, click on this link.  *Note that any submissions you create and/or submit can always be found in the My Submissions area.  Any additional forms that the Grantmaker has provided you to complete are also found in the My Submissions area,  click on the relevant form to complete.

Optional - Update your account details or password

My Submissions

To change your account details goto the My Submissions page and click on Update My Details


Update account details

You can change the Name and Organisation details associated with your account by entering them in the relevant boxes and clicking Save Changes

Change your password

To change your password you will need to first enter your old password and then enter your new password twice.

Please note the password must be at least 8 characters long.

Change your email address

To change the email address associated with your account you will need to email We will need any request to change an email address to be sent from the originally registered email address. If you are unable to access the originally registered email address, please contact the Grantmaker directly as they will be able to change the user of an applicatin submitted to them. 


Enter the email address username you registered with and click on the reset button

An email will be sent to the registered email address. Follow the instructions and click on the link provided. This will take you to a page where you can enter your new password.

Enter your new password and confirm the new password and click on the Reset Password button. You can now login in using your new password.

Q: Change my account details or password

You can change the name, organisation and password for your account by going to My Submissions and clicking on Update My Details.

To change the email address associated with your account please email In order for your email address to be updated, we need to receive the request from the originally registered username (i.e. email address). If you are unable to access the originally registered email account, please contact the Grantmaker directly as they are able to edit the user of an application. For more detailed instructions refer to the following help Update your account details or password.

Q: I tried to use the reset password and....

Option 1 - I did not get the email

Step 1:  If you did not get the email check your spam and junk mail – although it could also be that your organisation spam filter is blocking the email.

Step 2:  Please CHECK THAT YOU ENTERED YOUR EMAIL CORRECTLY.  Typos are quite common for applicants either when filling out the forgotten password or when registering their email address as the username.

Step 3:  Make sure you are using a registered email address. It is quite common for applicants to try and access the system using an unregistered email address - if you have already applied, the funder will be able to check this for you or you can contact

Option 2:  I reset my password but I was asked to update my details

If you are being asked to update your details it is because you have clicked on the 'update details' link. From here you can update your name, organisation and password - if you do not wish to do either of these simply click the 'My Submissions' link to exit the area.

Q: How often should I save my application form? Is there a timeout limit?

It is highly recommended that you click Save Progress regularly when you are filling out a form.


For security reasons you will be logged out of your application if 60 minutes has elapsed and you have not saved your progress or navigated between pages.

If this time elapses, you will be shown the login page again. If you successfully enter your login details you will be returned to the page you were viewing.

Please note: If you were filling out a form, we attempt to retain any changes you have made, so you can continue working on the form after you log back in.

To avoid losing your work we recommend that you press save regularly.

Q: What file types can I upload into my application or acquittal forms?

The following files are supported for uploading:

File TypeFile Extension

adp, au, snd, mid, midi, kar, rmi, m4a, mp4a, mpga, mp2, mp2a, mp3, m2a, m3a, oga, ogg, spx, eol, dts, dtshd, lvp, pya, aac, aif, aiff, aifc, flac, m3u, wax, wma, ram, ra, rmp, wav

Excel: xls, xlm, xla, xlc, xlt, xlw, xlam, xlsb, xlsm, xltm, xlsx, xltx
Image:bmp, cgm, g3, gif, ief, jpeg, jpg, jpe, png, btif, tiff, tif, psd, djvu, djv, dwg, dxf, fbs, fpx, fst, mmr, rlc, mdi, npx, wbmp, xif, ras, cmx, fh, fhc, fh4, fh5, fh7, ico, pcx, pic, pct, pnm, pbm, pgm, ppm, rgb, xbm, xpm, xwd, png, jpg, jpeg, cr2
Powerpoint:ppt, pps, pot, ppam, pptm, sldm, ppsm, potm, pps, pot, ppam, pptm, sldm, ppsm, potm, pptx, sldx, ppsx, potx
Text:rtf, txt, text, conf, def, list, log, in, rtx, tr5, csv
Video:3gp, 3g2, h261, h263, h264, jpgv, jpm, jpgm, mj2, mjp2, mp4, mp4v, mpg4, mpeg, mpg, mpe, m1v, m2v, ogv, qt, mov, fvt, mxu, m4u, pyv, viv, f4v, fli, flv, m4v, mng, asf, asx, wm, wmv, wmx, wvx, avi, movie, mp4
Word:doc, dot, docm, dotm, docx, dotx
Zip:zip, tar, gz, sqz

Q: Unable to submit?

Applicants and Staff can reference Help Guide for Applicants. This walks applicants through submitting.  The most common reasons an applicant won't be able to submit their applications include:

  • not filled in a mandatory/required field, this can include file upload question and budget grid
  • have used alpha characters in a number question field,
  • has gone over the word limit on a question,  

All of these errors are highlighted in red on the review page which sits at the very end of the application.  Sometimes the applicant has filled in the whole form but has not gone to the review page so does not see the submit button. The submit button sits on the review page.

Q: The round has closed, and I can't submit my applications for reason xxxxxx?

Unfortunately we cannot help as the Grantmaker (Funder) are the only ones that can grant an extension of time for you. The funders contact details are generally found on the first page of your application or on their website. If the grantmaker does not provide contact details you can do a google search for the funding organisation and use the organisation general contacts.

Q: When I Iog in I do not see my application.

You will find any submissions on the grantmakers (Funder) applicant site under the 'my submissions' link at the top of the screen.  If your submission is not there it is most likely that the application you are trying to view was either created under a different username (email address) or you may be looking under an incorrect funder applicant site.  Is there possibly an alternate email address you may also have registered. Do you know the correct application ID?  If you still have any issues, you can contact the SmartyGrants support team on (03) 9320 6888 and quote the Application ID.

Q: The date I am trying to enter is not being accepted?

The date must be in the format of dd/mm/yyyy, you either use the date picker to choose a date or manually type it in, but it must be in the format dd/mm/yyyy.

Q: When registering for an account I don't have a organisation name?

That is ok, you can just put in N/A or your own name. This filed is mandatory so you need to have some content in there, however it doesn't really matter what it is.

Q: How does Browser Spellcheck Work? 

All browsers will display spelling mistakes of the last word you typed in upon pushing the space bar or hitting enter; however, different browsers behave differently when you paste words into a text box.

Chrome – Checks the spelling of all words you have pasted.
Firefox – Only checks the last or second last word of what is pasted.
Safari – Does not check the spelling of what is pasted; however pushing Command+; will cause it to recheck the spelling of the contents of the text box.

It might also be worth referencing relevant 'help' articles for each browser.
Chrome: (Note that Chrome settings are different in a Mac versus Windows and Linux).

Q: How do I download a PDF of my application? 

Downloading a PDF of your application is simple and is available in two places (please note: prior to 04/03/20 you will only be able to download the PDF from the "Review and Submit page as outlined below).

Once you have navigated to the Round and clicked on the link you will see the option to 'Start a New Submission' should the round be open. You will also have the option to download a PDF of the form should the round be open. Some funder's will also allow the form to be previewed, and downloaded, prior to the round opening. Clicking on the 'Download preview form' link will provide you with a PDF of the application form.

Once you have started an application, click onto the "Review and Submit" page, which is the final page of the application form.

From the "Review and Submit" page, you will see a button to download a PDF of your form.

Q: I was logged out and when I tried to submit my application form. SmartyGrants said the round is now closed but there is still time until the deadline has expired.

Funders are able to set up a funding target when creating Rounds in SmartyGrants. When that funding target has been reached, the round can be automatically closed. It is most likely this is what you have experienced. We recommend contacting the funder to confirm that this is the case.